Transfer pricing

Valuer is a firm specialized in transfer pricing consulting. Our mission is to propose strategic plans and solutions to our clients aimed at mitigating tax risks and generating value in decision-making.

Transfer pricing  

The valuation of assets can be key elements in the taxes levied on personal and corporate income or on inheritance and donation taxes.

Regarding  corporate tax, the analysis and valuation of related-party transactions and transfer pricing is of particular importance.

Defence and negotiation of valuation agreements with Tax Authorities

In transfer pricing area , VALUER services include:

  • Assistance in Tax Audits.
  • Assistance in appeals and claims both administratively and judicially.
  • Assistance in Mutual Agreement Procedures to avoid international double taxation.
  • Negotiation with the Administration concerning Advance Price Agreements (APA). An Advance Price Agreement signed between a taxpayer and the Tax Administration establishes the criteria or methodologies to determine transfer prices during a given period. As long as the taxpayer respects the agreed criteria, the Tax Authorities may not make adjustments or valuation corrections during the term of the agreement.


Documentation for related-party transactions

Valuer offers advice on preparing the documentation required by Spanish regulations and international standards to justify the market value of transactions carried out with related companies or persons (“Country Files”, “Master Files”, “Country by country reports”).